Issue 10 Supa Bold





Welcome to the most aggressive, individual and loving issue of KNEON yet.

Since we last spoke, KNEON has evolved, grown and matured. She’s still young, still reckless, and still very very bold - but she’s found her direction.

In the last couple of months, we launched our first capsule collection with L.A. brand J+CO, created KNEONTV (our first short movie coming out this summer), and developed KNEON beyond a magazine into a digital platform and meaningful brand.

Onto the structure of this issue: We’ve sectioned it off into eight chapters, each representing a different mantra that both KNEON and I strongly believe in: Trust yourself, be bold, mean it, strip bare, stay humble, seek adventure, express gratitude and never look back.

With these keywords in mind, I’ll let you get on with the next 300 pages. Oh, and don’t worry about your eyes getting tired - we’ve used big ass fonts that even people like me who have the eyesight of an 80-year-old bat, will find comfortable reading too :3

We hope you enjoy this.


Jose Romussi
Lisa Mitchell
Richard Kelly
Danny Seth
Christian Newell
Berndnaut Smilde
Pat Hobaugh
Rhuigi Mark Villasenor

Contributing Photographers

Aaron Feaver
Angela Marklew
Asli Katircioglu
Danaea Li
Gabrielle Murphy
Genova Artega-Rynn
Helen Kirkbright
Katrina Cervoni
Leanne Surfleet
Lucie Hugary
Lucy Henshall
Lloyd Stevie
Mehdi Sef
Nicole Courbett
Nikki Krecicki
Richard Ramirez Jr.
Rohan Hande
Sally & Emily
Sarah Fountain

Hot Dog With Mustard